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Senior Engineer Hourly Rate

Senior Engineer Hourly Rate

Freelance consultancy and support in Identity and Access Management (IAM), in particular:

in the architecture and LDAP schema design abd the configuration and implementation of the following enterprise identity and access management products:

  • - Sun / Oracle Directory (Proxy) Server Enterprise Edition (O/DSEE),
  • - Sun Java System Access Manager (Sun AM), Sun / Oracle OpenSSO, Forgerock OpenAM,
  • - Sun OpenDS, Oracle Unified Directory (OUD), Enterprise User Security (EUS), Forgerock OpenDJ,
  • - OpenLDAP,

  LDAP Performance Tuning


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Senior Engineer Hourly Rate
Senior Engineer Hourly Rate
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping
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1 x Twofish SCO Unixware
1 x Twofish Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Twofish MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x Senior Engineer Hourly Rate
1 x Architect Hourly Rate
3 x Safer+ MS-DOS
1 x Blowfish Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x Blowfish HP/UX
1 x Blowfish MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
3 x Safer+ Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Blowfish IBM AIX
3 x Safer+ DG/UX ix86
3 x Safer+ IBM OS/2
3 x Safer+ MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
3 x Safer+ MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
3 x Safer+ MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
1 x Blowfish DEC Ultrix
1 x Twofish MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x Twofish Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Twofish DG/UX ix86
1 x Twofish MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
4 x Serpent MS-DOS
3 x Serpent Linux Sparc
1 x Twofish Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x Twofish IBM OS/2
3 x Cast-128 IBM OS/2
1 x Twofish DG/UX m88k
3 x Cast-128 DEC Ultrix
1 x Twofish MS-DOS
1 x Twofish HP/UX
1 x Twofish Linux Sparc
1 x Twofish DEC Ultrix
3 x Cast-128 MS-DOS
1 x Twofish IBM AIX
1 x Mars DG/UX ix86
1 x Mars Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
2 x AES MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
3 x Cast-256 MS-DOS
1 x AES DG/UX ix86
1 x AES SCO Unixware
1 x AES IBM OS/2
1 x AES DG/UX m88k
4 x Cast-256 Android X86 32/64-bit
4 x Cast-256 Android ARM 32/64-bit
1 x AES MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
4 x Cast-256 Solaris ix86 32/64-bit
3 x AES Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Mars Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x AES DEC Ultrix
1 x AES Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Mars Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Mars SCO Unixware
4 x Cast-256 MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x AES Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x 3DES MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
2 x AES MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x AES Linux Sparc
2 x Mars Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x 3DES Linux Sparc
1 x 3DES DEC Ultrix
2 x 3DES Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x 3DES IBM OS/2
1 x 3DES HP/UX
3 x 3DES Android ARM 32/64-bit
4 x 3DES MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x 3DES Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x 3DES DG/UX m88k
3 x 3DES MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x 3DES DG/UX ix86
2 x 3DES SCO Unixware
2 x Safer+ IBM AIX
2 x Serpent MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
2 x Cast-128 DG/UX ix86
2 x Serpent Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Serpent Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Safer+ DG/UX m88k
2 x Cast-128 SCO Unixware
3 x Cast-256 DG/UX ix86
2 x Serpent SCO Unixware
2 x Serpent MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
2 x Safer+ Linux Sparc
2 x Cast-128 IBM AIX
2 x libKrypt Linux Sparc
2 x Safer+ HP/UX
3 x Cast-256 MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
3 x Cast-256 MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
3 x Cast-256 IBM AIX
2 x Serpent IBM AIX
2 x Safer+ DEC Ultrix
2 x libKrypt Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Linux Sparc
2 x libKrypt Windows 32-bit
3 x Cast-256 Linux Sparc
2 x Serpent DG/UX ix86
2 x Safer+ SCO Unixware
2 x Cast-128 MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
2 x libKrypt Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Windows 64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt IBM AIX
2 x Cast-128 HP/UX
2 x Cast-256 Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Serpent DG/UX m88k
2 x Safer+ Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Solaris ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
2 x libKrypt DG/UX ix86
2 x Serpent HP/UX
2 x Cast-128 DG/UX m88k
2 x Serpent Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-256 Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
2 x Serpent MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
2 x Safer+ Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt SCO Unixware
2 x Cast-128 MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
2 x Serpent DEC Ultrix
1 x Mars SGI Irix
1 x Mars MS-DOS
1 x Mars Linux Sparc
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x Mars IBM AIX
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
Net Value: 100,225.42€
+ VAT: 19,042.33€
Total: 119,267.75€
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