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Safer+ DG/UX m88k

Safer+ DG/UX m88k

A licensable developer's toolkit providing efficient cryptographic functions for integration into software applications to meet your individual data security requirements. The cryptographic algorithm employed is the Safer+ Algorithm designed by James Massey and collegues and described in the AES submission document at: Saferpls.pdf. The software tools are designed for OEM use and are available for a wide range of target platform environments. Developers require no cryptographic background to incorporate privacy and authentication services into their applications. Suitable for a multitude of potential applications, e.g. electronic funds transfer, electronic banking, secure E-mail, disk and file encryption, network user authentication, secure software distribution, etc.

Product Features

Supported platform: Data General DG/UX Motorola 88000
Consistent and simple-to-use 'C'-language API to the cryptographic routines.
Fully reentrant at the process and at the thread-level
Very fast 8 round implementation
Support for ECB, CBC, 8-bit OFB, and 8-bit CFB operation mode. Tell me more ..
Enclosed File Encryption utility
Performance Benchmark Program
NBS FIPS PUB 81, 1980 (Modes of operation) test and certification program
Sample make files and source code examples
One-time fee for commercial license

Download Evaluation Copy

A license can be purchased for the given one-time fee. A special license agreement has to be signed before by both parties.

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      AES (Rijndael)
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1 x Mars MS-DOS
1 x Mars Linux Sparc
1 x Safer+ Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x AES DG/UX m88k
1 x Blowfish Android ARM 32/64-bit
1 x Cast-128 DG/UX m88k
1 x Twofish DEC Ultrix
2 x Cast-256 Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x Twofish Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Twofish Solaris ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
1 x Blowfish DEC Ultrix
1 x Serpent Android ARM 32/64-bit
1 x CryptoSoft Enigma 32-bit
1 x Twofish SGI Irix
1 x Mars IBM AIX
1 x libKrypt Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x Serpent Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x libKrypt Android ARM 32/64-bit
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x Twofish Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
1 x Safer+ DG/UX m88k
2 x CryptoSoft Enigma 64-bit
1 x Cast-256 Linux Sparc
1 x AES MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x Twofish SCO Unixware
1 x AES Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Mars DG/UX ix86
1 x Mars Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Mars Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x Twofish Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Mars Solaris ix86 32/64-bit
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