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As a service provider we are responsible for our own contents on those pages according to § 7 sub-para 1 of the German Teleservices Act. However, as follows from §§ 8 to 10 of the German Teleservices Act, as a service provider, we are not obliged to control the delivered or stored external information, neither to research into situations that suggest any illegal activity.

The commitment to delete or suspend the use of information according to common laws remains here undisturbed. However, the related liability is possible only after the concrete illegal activity has been revealed. When it is revealed, we will immediately delete the corresponding contents.

Liability for Links

Our offer may contain links to external third party web sites, whose contents we can not affect. Therefore, CryptoSoft GmbH take no responsibility for these external contents, too. Only the provider or proprietor of the linked site is responsible for its contents. To the present moment, all links have been checked for law violation and no illegal contents have been detected.

The constant control of linked sites contents without any suspicion of law violence is not reasonable. When law violence is revealed, we will immediately delete the corresponding links.


All editorial content and graphics on this site are protected by German copyright and international treaties and may not be copied without the express permission of CryptoSoft GmbH, which reserves all rights.

Re-use of any of our editorial content and graphics online for any purpose is strictly prohibited. The materials from our site are available for informational and noncommercial uses offline only, provided the content and/or graphics are not modified in any way, all copyright and other notices on any copy are retained, and permission is granted by CryptoSoft GmbH.

The "look" and "feel" of our sites is also covered by our copyright. This includes our color combinations, button shapes, layout, and all other graphical elements.

You can download the software that we index on our sites, but please remember that you do so completely at your own risk. Please be sure to read the copyright and licensing information first.

In case that content of this web site has not been created by CryptoSoft GmbH, the copyright law may apply to third parties. Content created by third parties is specified as such. However, if you find any copyright law violence, please notify us. When copyright law violence is revealed, we will immediately delete the corresponding contents.

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Senior Engineer Hourly Rate
Senior Engineer Hourly Rate
incl. 19% Tax plus shipping
We Accept
1 x Twofish SCO Unixware
1 x Twofish Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Twofish MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x Senior Engineer Hourly Rate
1 x Architect Hourly Rate
3 x Safer+ MS-DOS
1 x Blowfish Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x Blowfish HP/UX
1 x Blowfish MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
3 x Safer+ Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x Blowfish IBM AIX
3 x Safer+ DG/UX ix86
3 x Safer+ IBM OS/2
3 x Safer+ MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
3 x Safer+ MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
3 x Safer+ MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
1 x Blowfish DEC Ultrix
1 x Twofish MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x Twofish Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Twofish DG/UX ix86
1 x Twofish MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
4 x Serpent MS-DOS
3 x Serpent Linux Sparc
1 x Twofish Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x Twofish IBM OS/2
3 x Cast-128 IBM OS/2
1 x Twofish DG/UX m88k
3 x Cast-128 DEC Ultrix
1 x Twofish MS-DOS
1 x Twofish HP/UX
1 x Twofish Linux Sparc
1 x Twofish DEC Ultrix
3 x Cast-128 MS-DOS
1 x Twofish IBM AIX
1 x Mars DG/UX ix86
1 x Mars Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
2 x AES MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
3 x Cast-256 MS-DOS
1 x AES DG/UX ix86
1 x AES SCO Unixware
1 x AES IBM OS/2
1 x AES DG/UX m88k
4 x Cast-256 Android X86 32/64-bit
4 x Cast-256 Android ARM 32/64-bit
1 x AES MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
4 x Cast-256 Solaris ix86 32/64-bit
3 x AES Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Mars Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x AES DEC Ultrix
1 x AES Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Mars Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Mars SCO Unixware
4 x Cast-256 MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x AES Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x 3DES MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
2 x AES MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x AES Linux Sparc
2 x Mars Linux ix86 32/64-bit
1 x 3DES Linux Sparc
1 x 3DES DEC Ultrix
2 x 3DES Android X86 32/64-bit
1 x 3DES IBM OS/2
1 x 3DES HP/UX
3 x 3DES Android ARM 32/64-bit
4 x 3DES MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x 3DES Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x 3DES DG/UX m88k
3 x 3DES MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
1 x 3DES DG/UX ix86
2 x 3DES SCO Unixware
2 x Safer+ IBM AIX
2 x Serpent MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
2 x Cast-128 DG/UX ix86
2 x Serpent Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Serpent Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Safer+ DG/UX m88k
2 x Cast-128 SCO Unixware
3 x Cast-256 DG/UX ix86
2 x Serpent SCO Unixware
2 x Serpent MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
2 x Safer+ Linux Sparc
2 x Cast-128 IBM AIX
2 x libKrypt Linux Sparc
2 x Safer+ HP/UX
3 x Cast-256 MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
3 x Cast-256 MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
3 x Cast-256 IBM AIX
2 x Serpent IBM AIX
2 x Safer+ DEC Ultrix
2 x libKrypt Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Linux Sparc
2 x libKrypt Windows 32-bit
3 x Cast-256 Linux Sparc
2 x Serpent DG/UX ix86
2 x Safer+ SCO Unixware
2 x Cast-128 MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
2 x libKrypt Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Windows 64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt IBM AIX
2 x Cast-128 HP/UX
2 x Cast-256 Linux ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Serpent DG/UX m88k
2 x Safer+ Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Solaris ix86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
2 x libKrypt DG/UX ix86
2 x Serpent HP/UX
2 x Cast-128 DG/UX m88k
2 x Serpent Android X86 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-256 Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
2 x Serpent MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
2 x Safer+ Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x Cast-128 Android ARM 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt Solaris Sparc 32/64-bit
2 x libKrypt SCO Unixware
2 x Cast-128 MS-WINDOWS 16-bit
2 x Serpent DEC Ultrix
1 x Mars SGI Irix
1 x Mars MS-DOS
1 x Mars Linux Sparc
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 64-bit
1 x Mars IBM AIX
1 x Mars MS-WINDOWS 32-bit
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